Connect Anything, Anywhere.

Intelligent workflows powering automation, data feeds, and notifications across Web2 and Web3.

Listen for this...

...then execute that.

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Axal transforms data into action.

Make Web3 just work. Explore anything on-chain, connect with Web2, and create previously impossible decision-making flows - no code necessary.

Smart Automation

Axal listens for events, interacts with apps, and checks for conditions automatically.

Web2 + Web3

Contracts, wallets, and transactions connected straight to Web2 APIs, databases, and notifications.

Zapier, Supercharged

The same principles of workflow creation taken to the max, with a streamlined and more powerful interface.

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Use Cases

Connected Products

Tie features to external data and platforms (wallet balance, token price, even the weather). Empower users to create their own workflows that use your app.

User Engagement & Marketing

Custom, real-time user segmentation and marketing tied to any data source - contract interactions, off-chain contact info, assets owned - in or out of your product.

Operations & Finance

Automate reporting, accounting, and compliance - no more scrolling through block explorers and transaction logs. SOPs tied to specific on-chain events become a breeze.


Set up triggers for notifications (email, Slack, Discord, Telegram, etc.) on anything you can think of. Log data of interest or connect data feeds to other actions.

One Platform, Every App

All your apps and data on one site - no jumping between different platforms to create your workflows. Wallets, contracts, spreadsheets, databases, and more all connected with a click.

One Platform, Every App

Beyond "If This...Then That"

Any task, any order, any condition. 4 core no-code building blocks - listeners, actions, gates, and switches - support intuitive creation with endless possibilities.

Beyond "If This...Then That"

Start In Seconds

No clue where to start? Use or remix pre-built templates of popular workflows. From automated user engagement to streamlining internal finances, Axal makes an instant impact.

Start In Seconds
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Existing products make data available.

Axal makes data actionable.